Create Crew Journey

Tasmanian Youth Worker and Founder of Create Crew, Joel Imber has an extensive history in community engagement, running creative projects and being well known as a core mentor in helping young people within the greater region of Hobart for the last 15 years.

Starting out as a young creative volunteer himself, he was introduced to Hobart’s Youth Programs in 2002. From there he was able to use his passion for music, art and hip hop culture as a key influence in shaping what would become a community of fun and creative opportunities for young people by helping run a youth centre in Hobart.

Progressively through his work practices Joel would acknowledge the power and importance of creative collaborations through connecting in a fun and relatable way and this would enable his own true character to shine and help others do so as well.

Joel has worked with all types of people, from different social economic and cultural backgrounds and all with differing abilities. He has a unique ability to create quick rapport and encourage and create self-belief with whoever he works with.

As time went by the concept of starting his own mobile creative youth service started to take shape and would soon become a reality and be known as CREATE CREW.

From leaving his core foundation working within council as a youth worker after nearly 20 years of volunteering and employment Joel continues to work within Tasmania to assist young people, communities, schools and organisations through collaborative arts and creative mentoring.

“ Life should be an adventure! I believe creativity is a gateway to unlocking this potential. It helps you express yourself, build confidence through trial, progression and accomplishment. It allows you see the world in a unique way bringing happiness and joy to your life! “

Joel Imber - Create Crew Founder