In some spots, strips cannot hang exactly parallel—in a corner, for instance, where walls are uneven. Positioning one strip to overlap another by 1/16 inch lets you cheat the alignment. Because an overlap creates a ridge, avoid using this seam in a prominent place. For thicker, fabric-covered papers, run a single-edge blade through both layers of the overlap, and peel away the underlying layers. Paper strips hung precisely edge to edge produce the neatest seam.

I did put plastic sheeting on the floor and taped over the wall paneling under the border. But thought I could skip taping the baseboards because they were far below where I’d be working. When the perforated portion is wet and peels off easily when you test it, use the corner of your putty knife to strip off the paper. Don’t be surprised if the glue stays behind; we cover that piece of the puzzle in the next section. Repeat the entire process—scoring, wetting, scraping—until the wallpaper is gone.

How to set video as lock screen on iPhone

Lively is a Free and Open-Source Software for animated desktop wallpapers. Having a good desktop background wallpaper is not only important aesthetically, but also keeps your mind fresh in case you are working long hours on a screen. Another thing to consider is the continuous shifts of the pixels on your device. This not only consumes the battery but could be dangerous for the screen if too many color changes occur. You’ve successfully learned how to use GIFs as wallpapers on your iOS/iPadOS device, just make sure to convert them to Live Photos first.

Strike the plumb line a wall covering strip’s width minus one-half inch from the doorway starting point. Each time you turn a corner, create a new plumb line to get a fresh alignment. Corners are never perfectly square and usually require a little fudging.

Again, it would be nice if Apple could work out a way to restore the functionality and allow people to make moving wallpapers of their own once more. Perhaps, Live Photos could play their animation as you swipe to unlock the phone – like how the Earth animates inwards for Astronomy. Or maybe it could be triggered by a simple tap on the display. Unfortunately, this is another casualty of the upgrade to iOS 16. It is no longer possible to set Live Photos as your wallpaper and have them animate. The long-press gesture on the lock screen has been reclaimed as the route to opening the Wallpaper Gallery instead.

iPad 10th Generation VS. iPad Air 5/4 : What’s the Difference and Which Should You Buy?

If this isn’t working well, score the wallpaper with the wallpaper scoring tool. Steam that section again and try peeling it up. The more holes the easier it will be for the stripper to soak best wallpapers into the wallpaper glue.

Wherever you start, use a plumb and chalk line (or a carpenter’s level and pencil) to create a straight, vertical guideline. Position the plumb or level at the desired location. Install the first drop about 1/8-inch from the guideline.

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